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Thread: IOR 6-24x50 35mm big turret & mounts illuminated

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    IOR 6-24x50 35mm big turret & mounts illuminated

    For sale is my IOR 6-24 x50 illuminated scope. It has a massive 35mm tube and included are a set of mounts to fit.
    The scope has done very little work. Literally a handful of outings on the 25 06.
    The ret is the IOR MP8 ret which when you get used to it is actually very useful for distance estimating and hold over etc.
    The glass is un marked. The scope is less than a year old. There are ring marks to the paint only. I could polish them out but for transparency would rather leave them so you can see there is no damage. The v tac rings were quite rough on the inside.
    If i can find the receipt from Border Barrels i will include it.
    All other bits include; box, mounts, suntube, bikini cover,instructions, mount instructions, lens cloth??? i think thats it.
    If memory serves the glass is schott?? same as S&B??. Anyway its very clear and very bright.
    Any questions i will try to answer. You can pick it up to have a look first or i will post in the price.
    I asked on here some time ago about pricing and 820 all in seems appropriate.
    Please say on the thread you will have it if you want it.
    payment paypal-you pay the fees
    a cleared cheque
    a bank transfer
    or green queens on the doorstep

    All the best John
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    Would you mind saying why you're selling it?
    Also, were you after a part exchange at all?


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    Not at all. I'm in construction design and we have basically been cleared out by the recession. This is sat in the cupboard and i have a cheaper spare scope sat there too therefore i don't really have an option. I have a list of everything i own which is non essential, and i mean essential, to sell. I'm gutted to see it go as i was looking forward to using it. Another 12 months and we'll be out the drink and i'll be kicking myself i've sold it but thats life.
    Obviously thats a no to px for the previously mentioned reasons.

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    An offer has been made so PROVISIONALLY sold subject to funds>

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    second dibs also taken should it fall through. though i'm sure it won't


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