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Thread: Yank optics

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    Question Yank optics

    Whats the general thought on US optics such as Leupold, Burris and Redfield?? Mainly low light work I guess??

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    i currently use a burris fullfield 11 on my 270 its been on for two years now i love it i use it in all weather and night time foxing it has never let me down low light is great even under moonlight i am in the next few weeks going to buy two more one for a 300 win and another 270 top marks from me i really like the ballistic plex on these being able to shoot out at distance easy using my rangefinder and the dots on the scope its that simple no guesswork with holdover,atb wayne

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    easy - they're not as good as European,...BUT, they 'do' know how to make varmint reticles,,which in daylight is all you need for long shots..

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    do people actually have experience of different scopes or is it just heard from others and put down . i have friends who shoot luepolds ,zeiss swaros and others ,all have commented how good the burris is and have never found it a problem even at dark i dont want this to go the way the other thread went . to the original poster i would try and have a look at these scopes as they really are not crap ,if you need a contact for scopes in the states i can pm details as they will ship to the uk at a lot less than the uk or if you are passing yorkshire and want to trail one you are welcome you can even see it at last light ,atb wayne

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    I think it is a good point Wayne, often marketing plays more of a part in the impression people have than the quality of the product. In saying that I do think there is a difference between US and EU scopes and my take on this is that it largely down to the fact that if you ask a different question at the start then you will get a different answer and the Americans seem to, generally, ask different questions to us.

    I've looked through a small number of US scopes and don't think the ones I've seen suit my needs so I will stick to my 8X56 S&B however despite the quality of this scope I can easily see that it doesn't suit the needs of all.

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    caorach now you have made valid point which is great i am all for imforming people of what i think is good and try to give a reason some people just say this ones better than that without a valid point. i really rate minox bins and have spoken to a few friends who rate them as well but we all have found the eye relief to be very narrow so difficult to get a good view so me pesonally would not get one on that but it is great glass. going back to the op i had a chance look through a burris eliminator with rangefinder in nz and was very impressed with the accuracy out at distance and good clarity just abit bulky for my type of stalking mine has taken a few knocks in nz climbing and suchlike and has always kept zero on a 270 ,atb wayne

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    My Redfield is nearly as good as a S&B I used recently. The S&B had no more than 5 mins of light on me, probably less than that tbh. It's a 3-9 x 50 Evolution and brand new cost 180. I'll probably never be able to afford decent renowned glass and right now that isn't bothering me.
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    I have a leupold vx3 8.5-25 x50, superb scope never lost zero and is very clear, but I have 3 zeiss scopes aswell as you can shoot 10 - 15 mins longer at dusk, every time light starts to go you want the zeiss, the leupold did cost me a couple of deer last year, hope this helps, mark

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    Hi there,
    I've always been a zeiss man (8x56 on my .243) until recently when I got a vortex diamondback to go on my browning .17HMR. I was very impressed by the quality, features and light transmission qualities at dusk (rabbiting), so much so that I've just got a Vortex razor (5-20x50) to go on my .30-06 Tikka T3. illuminated reticule, superb build, solid zero stop (I'm planning on doing a bit of target shooting with this rifle as well as stalking).
    comparing the zeiss and the vortex, it's difficult to tell them apart in daylight/early evening both excellent scopes, but when I've got the .30-06 up and running I'll do some proper side by side comparisons at last light. I was mightily impressed with Vortex's no quibble lifetime guarantee, if anything breaks ever they'll replace it. At the end of the day I think once you get above a certain price/quality thresh hold, all the major names make very good scopes indeed.

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