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Thread: Giving away Brass

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    Giving away Brass

    This may be a stupid question but I was at my local smallbore club today and one of the young members (15) asked if he could have some empty cases for his collection so I just gave him a handful of 6.5x55 brass i had in my motor.

    Suddenly struck me when I got home, is that allowed?


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    ...wonder what the next reply will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    ...wonder what the next reply will be

    ...yes, I wonder too!

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    No..........give em to me for reloading LOL

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    in hindsight,,it shouldn't be legal! what on earth are you doing trying to entice a young adult to use a 6.5x55,,dont' you know its a terrible calibre?..

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    When we were kids we used to think it was great fun to collect empty cases and the clips that held them together for belt fed weapons at the army ranges on the Pentland hills.

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