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Thread: 6.5 x47 or 7mm-o8

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    6.5 x47 or 7mm-o8

    i read in sporting rifle a good report about the 6.5x47 calibre. i am undecided between that calibre or a 7mm-08 for allround stalking.does anybody use either' any advice as i am still a novice .i have a 243 /been told it is not suitable for the larger deer

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    I have been using the 7-08 for over a year & I think it's the cats pyjamas, like you I heard that some stalkers wont allow people to use a .243 on larger deer,so got the 7mil to be on the safe side!
    The 6.5 X 47 does sound good, I suppose it just depends if you need factory ammunition readily available & if they are producing this chambering in factory rifles.
    I think you have the right idea going for 'more gun' having 140gns of bullet in your quarry's kill zone might go some way to make up for unintended pilot error.

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    7mm 08

    dave have no experience of the 6.5 x 47
    but now own a 7mm 08 still early days at the moment
    reloading new rounds etc shot a couple of roe no problems
    reason for going with the calibre was that havent heard a
    bad word said about it .
    can only back up what D L has allready stated
    hope this helps regards pete .

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    I would absolutely go for the factory calibre as there will be a time when you forget your ammunition! Also many lets are increasingly demanding "factory loaded ammunition" only.

    For that reason and that when you decide you want it no longer it will be easier to sell I go for the 7-08. It is also a very popular calibre in France being their 308 "substitute"!

    These wildcats are usually the "next big thing" by copywriters with nothing better to write or gunsmiths with something to sell. The successful wildcats are all near enough factory cartridges by now!

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    get yourself some 100grain bullets for your .243 there are many keepers in the highlands using them as a general porpuse estate rifle.
    you just have to get your placement right. if you miss the mark with your 7mm08 it will still be wounded.

    all legal calibers will do the same job at stalking ranges. so lets not turn this into a "which is better .243 or .308 debate.

    unless you have the money and would like a new rifle,( in which case go for it,)then just buy heavy bullets and remember the saying,
    beware the man with only one rifle, because he is proboble very good with it.

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    As Flytyer says, learn to use your rifle. A fast flatter bullet doesn't make up for deficiencies in "accuracy", it just/still damages more meat if too much "shock".

    A heavier, slower, "loopier" bullet will do less damage, you just have to know where to aim. It's still called accuracy.

    A .243 , that you already have, is good.

    If you have plans to do "more or bigger" here in the UK or abroad and can really only "service cost" of one rifle then by all means consider a slightly larger calibre.

    Same caveat applies, learn to use it. Practice, practice, practice.....


    P.S. 7 x 64 has only ever been a hunting calibre. No problems with "Johnny Foreigner" and should be as acceptable to a FEO as a .308.

    Never found a "reasonably" stocked shop in Africa without them 8)

    I went Swedish with my UK rifle and then went for a Mauser M03 (9.3 x 62 for Africa) for a heavy calibre. Decided I wanted less than 9.3 x 62 for lighter foreign antelope and was going to go for 7 x 64 having used, and loved it.

    Decided to only master one light calibre, not two. Got a second Swede for the Mauser and am working on maximising what I can get out of "same calibre, two rifles"

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    Re: 6.5 x47 or 7mm-o8

    Quote Originally Posted by dave kelly
    i read in sporting rifle a good report about the 6.5x47 calibre. i am undecided between that calibre or a 7mm-08 for allround stalking.does anybody use either' any advice as i am still a novice .i have a 243 /been told it is not suitable for the larger deer
    The 6.5X47 is in the same class for power as the 243, it was developed from the 243/308 case but cut down to make it 10% smaller, so technically it is a smaller cartridge, in practice it matches the 243 in performance because it has more efficient internal ballistics. I know someone that has used his extensively on deer and when the big stags come out he reaches for his 6.5X284. Beware of some of the velocities you see for the 6.5X47 as these are for rifles with at least 24 if not 26 barrels not the 22 barrel you will have on your stalking rifle.

    To sum up the 6.5X47 is superbly accurate round, which you could use instead of the 243 but it would not give you a lot more in muzzle energy. It is a reloader cartridge only at the minute, and you will have to get a custom rifle built as, as far as I know there are no factory rifles available in this calibre.

    If you keep your 243 and then brought a 7-08 or 7X64/280 then you would be able to cover virtually all animals you may encounter. You can shoot from 58gn to 100gn bullets in the 243 and 100gn to 175gn in the 7mm rifle, that will take care of everything from foxes to boar and plains game.

    Forget trying to use one calibre for all as you will have to compromise at one end of the spectrum. If you are really hung up with using one rifle get a switch barrel or two rifles from the same maker.

    Best rgds


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    Why bother

    I completely agree with Fly tyer and I have never heard of an estate that will not allow a Red deer legal calibre rifle on the hill. It is an old wives tale. If you can shoot it with a deer legal calibre in the right place it is dead.

    I am up at Glen Ogle this weekend and the keeper shoots 243!!

    If you are a novice why are you reading so much into this?

    243 is legal and will knock over all deer with 100gn bullet.

    Fancy calibres are for "special people" who like to think they know more about ballistics then the the manufacturers

    why reinvent the wheel, Go to a gunsmith and ask him, then as you get more experienced you will know what suits you.

    If i had to do it all over again with 1 gun i would have a 6.5x55

    and i have 223, 22-250,243,308. 1st one out the box is 308 every time since it was moderated, for Roe, Red and Fox

    Hope this helps

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    i have two sako 75 rifles one in .243 and a 7mm 08 they are both very good rifles but the 7mm 08 is the main one that i reach for each time wether it be roe red or fallow that im going after. It most definately hits harder(just my opinion) no doubt somebody will be into their ballistics and argue the point. but more importantly i am happier with it in my hand just a confidence thing i suppose.

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    guys all good sensible replys
    fly tyer makes a very good point about the 243
    even though i now own a 7 mm 08 i still have two 243 rifles
    i wont be parting with them either .

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