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Thread: dm 80 moderator

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    dm 80 moderator

    hi has anyone used one of these for a 17 hmr or a centre fire been thinking about buying one for my 17 and my 270 lots of good things said about them just wondering if anyone has used one and could give me some info. cheers

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    I use one on my 17hmr..very good mods and im now after one for my 17rem which would be slightly different for a CF rifle...but i have heard are still very good.

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    I had one on a tikka 223 and it performed very well

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    Got one for my HMR about a year ago - superb bit of kit!

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    Got them on both my HMR and .243. Very happy with them.

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    Got them on my HMR and .223.

    Years old, lots of use and still going strong.

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    I use them on my 22lr, 17hmr, 6.5X55 and have one on order for my new 223, the moderators are very well made and very effective for the cost, would not change brands, if you speak to Dave he will custom-make it to your specifications and calibre specific at very little extra cost,


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    I got one custom made to suit my .17 hmr lija barrel. Big difference from the Sak mod it replaced.
    Get one!

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    I have a DM80 for my 17 REM and it is an excellent bit of kit. Light weight so it doesnt upset the balance of my rifle and moderates the noise very well... for the price it cant be beaten IMOI also had one on an HMR and it was a well made mod. It was slightly better than the SAK noise wise but a big jump up in cost.

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    Great bit of kit mate, Im using a cal specific one on my .204 and a mate has one coming for his .17 HMR. If you want Daves contact details drop me a PM.

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