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Thread: let the fun begin

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    let the fun begin

    ive just picked up modern reloading 2nd edition and im loving it already......bring on the addiction

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    well done ziggy. i hope to go out saturday and try my very first homeloads. im hoping for tears of joy not tears of dissapointment but am already trying to work out what load to do next in case this one dosnt work in my rifle.

    addictive isnt it


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    haha i hope to feel your pain shortly pj, i picked up my last batch of ammunition today spo when its gone its gone and then the fun begins. its a bloody good read this book

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    have you decided on kit yet

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    hi ziggy mate just a tip the way you shoot better get yourself some varmint grenades ha ha
    regards pete

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    hahaha cheers pete, i reckon i can half the size of your groups now

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    you nearly had me believing you there mate then I remembered you dont shoot a blaser
    so not possible regards pete .

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    haha if only i had thought in the first place mate....the darkside still calls to day, maybe. i still have photographic evidence of that evil group that you shot, reminds me not to be cocky and try harder

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    well ziggy they are tears of joy. best group with factory was about 3 shots across 2 inchs. homeloads were 2 shots touching and 2 more an inch right knowing that i pulled them. so if i do my bit i hope to get grouping within an inch. pretty pleased for my first go loading.

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