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Thread: .17 hmr heads again

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    .17 hmr heads again

    IN november i reported my gun problems. with a head getting stuck in the barrel wrighting the gun off a ruger 77/17 HMR.Well the bullet manufacture replaced the rounds and a new gun .I must say john at the GUNROOM has been great.Went and collected it on monday cleaned the barrel out. Put the scope on and went and zeroed it. The mag was faulty but i had three more from my old gun. so on we went last night a couple of rounds diden't load i couldn't shut the bolt.Put those rounds to one side.Then we noticed that one didn't load and closed the bolt not quite right. unloaded the gun and the head STAYED IN THE BARREL . So we put the gun to one side and used the other .17 hmr a cz. This gun fired aprox 20 rounds he ran out of his ammo. So we checked some of mine for zero. That was ok on we went shooting rabbits. Then the same thing one got stuck up the chimny this was about after 8 rounds two guns disabled in one night.The first gun was useing winchester in november. Last night Hornady all new gear.I have not claimed anything for my losses .

    Do i have a claim for damages as his is my work full time.I have contracts to clear rabbits and i am losing money because of this.
    I was nearly injured in the first gun/ammo fault. .

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    This is very disturbing. I hope that the manufacturers of the HMR round either commit to producing a safe product that we all can have confidence in or buy up all the HMR rifles off us.atb Tim

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    Yes you do have a claim for damages,if this is your work,If you can provide details of loss I am more than sure you will have a claim.
    I have also had issues with a had from a remmington round stuck in the barrel.

    I am leaving the .17 HMR at home now and will concentrate on using the .22 instead

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    Just got a hmr and must say this is making wish I had put in for a .22 instead very worrying indeed that's for sure

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    I dont know if you saw my post today on HMR rounds woodfordfallow but I'm in the same boat as you, I could have easily lost an eye last night but thankfully I was using a NV add on. I to am a Pro pest controller and need my HMR for my job. I wrote to the importers and they were straight on the case but in the meantime I have no rifle.

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    Had the same last week Hornady blue tip hmr stuck up the tube bad primer, had one also with a split case never had this problem when i could get hold of the red tipped bullets??

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    For the 4 years I had my HMR I loved it, never had a single problem, not even a spilt case from 15k rounds.
    But all the recent stories had me worried about buying more ammo, I am now very glad I decided to sell the rilfe instead of buying more ammo.


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    i had a couple missfire remmington and hornady blue and red tip so i switched to federal black tip and never had a problem
    after switching

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    The fact the manufacturer has accepted their faulty goods caused the damage to your rifles would indicate they would be liable for the consequences of you not being able to continue your normal day to day activities.
    As an analogy they would almost certainly be liable for any injuries you received which would also include loss of earnings.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    This has just happened to me tonight a a pest control job , fired the 1 st round went to reload and luckily the bolt won't completly close checked it with lamp
    and saw a Remington stuck in the barrelLuckily nobody hurt but christ it was close, back to the gunshop on monday for a wee chat.

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