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Thread: 105 grain A-MAX .243 wanted

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    105 grain A-MAX .243 wanted

    Hi there

    I was wondering if anyone has any spare .243 A-Max bullets for me to try. Just a few to try and see how they group out of my steyr scout. It only has a 19" Barrel with a 1-10 twist but suprisingly it seems to be able to stabalise 105 grain Geco (RWS) bullets and they shoot quite well. As such I would like to try a few A-Max's, or other heavyish bullets that can be posted (unless you are near and I can collect) without possibly wasting money on a full box.

    I dont want Moly coated thanks.

    If anyone has a few that they wouldnt mind giving me for cost+ post I would be most greatful.

    Also if anyone has any case trimming stuff for .243 I could do with that as well...

    Thanks again


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    hi i have about 6 left you can have them if you want i will be very suprised if thy stabalize in a 1-10 twist that twist normaly favours lighter bullet weights .i could not get the 105 to stabalize in a 1-9 twist rem. i had a new barrel fitted with 1-8 twist for the 105gr bullets it grouped less than 25mm . this is the strange part it shoots 85 gr into less 12mm group real strange anyway dont know what you can do with this small amount but if you want them i will send them (no cost)

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    Thanks mate,

    I appreciate it. I agree totally I was very suprised that the Geco (being cheap and 105 grain to boot) Stabalized. I was only shooting over about 80 yards but managed an easy 3/4" group from prone off rough ground on the inbuilt bipod.....


    pm inbound

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    What a top bloke, received the bullets this weekend. It always supprises me the honesty and generosity of people on this forum. Thanks ndt man I really appreciate it.


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