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Thread: Calling all Steyr Mannlicher 243 Pro Hunter 2 Owners

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    Calling all Steyr Mannlicher 243 Pro Hunter 2 Owners

    Wondering what others are using through their steyr?

    Currently using Federals 80 & 100 grain.

    have been advised against the less weights.

    feedback welcome.

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    had 3 steyrs my 243 now gone hated any 100 gr ammo but loved 55gr and 75 gr ,it also didnt like winchester or some federal but they all loved NORMA i now shoot a 308 and a 6.5 both pro hunter mountains as was the 243 .try some norma expensive but worth it .

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    I feed mine on 100 grain no probs, Could not get on with the federal so i use Norma or Sako
    on both deer and fox.

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    Rws 100 3 touching at 1" on 100. Same in my 6.5 x55 but 140 grain. 243 is full length other is a mountain.

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    Had my Mannlicher .243 for 3 years and love it. Using 100g soft point Norma for stalking and 75g Norma ballistic tip for foxes on advice from Sportsman Gun Centre where I bought it. Both group 1/2" at 100yds although 75g about 1" higher. Tried 58g ballistic tip as I wanted to get more velocity and a flatter tradjectory, but it keyholed and wouldn't stabalise the rounds, so went back to 75g. Wish I could get my Sako 22-250 to perform as well!

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    Thanks all - Ill see what the Norma's are like. 1inch group 100yds with Feds so would be great to bring that in a bit!

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    I use 100 gr sako in my .243 steyr and will group cloverleafs at one hundered meters, it also likes 100gr win super x's and 95gr remington balistic tips

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    I used to use 80Gr Nosler, but now reload with 87Gr Hornady Interbond bullets - for more ME, and which cloverleaf at a 120 yrd zero ( in my rifle !! ) However, I have used 95Gr SST and 100Gr SP which all grouped at 1" or less at 120yds. Bullets are seated 20 thou back from lands. I only use the .243, for Muntjac, CWD, Roe, and foxes and never had a problem.

    If you can shoot a few different makes / velocities, you will find one that will work better than others, but confidence is everything, so use what makes you feel confident when taking the shot.

    All the best.


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