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Thread: Yukon digital ranger pro 5x42

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    Yukon digital ranger pro 5x42

    Thinking about investing in one of these for night watching, anyone used one ? are they any good ? any s/h units for sale ? or has anyone got a unit in the south yorks, north linc's, north notts area that i could view before i bought one . Thanks in advance DF

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    I got a set a while ago off Scott country, they are not bad at all. They take a bit of getting used to, as you have to adjust focus and a little brightness switch/wheel to get the best picture.
    The picture has to keep refreshing as they are digital, it can look a bit grainy, but it really depends on the conditions.

    You can turn the IR on and off and adjust the brightness of it all with one hand, you can easily ID rabbits at 100yds under reasonable conditions.
    I use a gen 3 scope, so 100% id is not so important with monocular.
    For the price they are not a bad bit of kit, Paul at SC recommended them personally over some of the others costing a bit more.

    Hope this helps.

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