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Thread: Sikaside Gundogs/Deerstalking in the Midlands

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    Sikaside Gundogs/Deerstalking in the Midlands

    Hi to everyone,my name Nick Iam 42,Im married with one child Olivia who is 1 on the 04/02/09, I live in the east midlands, and I have worked for British Telecom(openreach) for 24 years.

    I breed and train gundogs/labradors with my wife Paula, I pick up on a large estate in Warwickshire, were Im allowed to Stalk for Fallow and Muntjack, thanks to the keeper, were I also do a little flyfishing .

    I shoot a Sako 75 243 and a Sako 75 7.08, I reload my own amunition for both rifles.

    I have been stalking for about 18 years, I cut my teeth on a friends farm in Aberdeenshire (kennothmont), stalking for Roe, I now have a few small pieces of ground locally, which I stalk for Fallow and Muntjack and the ocassional Roe.

    All the best Nick.

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    Hi there Nick
    i also do a bit fair bit of shooting and stalking in wawrickshire, i also hav roe on my ground aswell as fallow and muntjac
    i hav a feeling i may know the estate you pick up and stalk on
    if so i live pretty close to there myself and know the esate quite well

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