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Thread: Steyr Scout Re-crowning help.

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    Steyr Scout Re-crowning help.

    Hey folks

    Anyone know of a suitably skilled gunsmith that can re-crown a Steyr Scout and clean up the mod thread at the same time. It seems leaving a mod on a rifle while storing is not a good idea and the thread and crown seem to have eroded slightly.

    I know it takes a special tool to remove the barrel so I guess it take a suitably knowledgable craftsman to sort this out.

    Any help would be appreciated - If anyone knows the approximate cost of this particular refurb I would be greatful.



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    You dont need to remove the barrel to recrown Mike
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    But I assume you do to put a bigger/clean chamfer on the O/d front face of the thread though??

    I used to be (well still am by qualification) an engineer so I assumed the easiest way and most accurate way would be to remove the barrel, clock it up in a lathe, face off, re-crown and chamfer the O/d of the thread all at the same time.


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    are you sure the crown has eroded as i left a mod on and it did pit the thread and the end of the barrel but the crown was fine just had it polished .

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    i would clean the face of the crown up with some carbon cleaner. and see how much damage has doen. if it has been left on for a bit.

    it might need chopping back and re screw cut

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    if it is only light get a dremal with a ball stone on it and just polish it out

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    For some reason a ball stone never crossed my mind - I was thinking conical and the implications of getting the angle wrong.... These forums are great for info!!

    Re the above comments the front of the the thread (chamfer and first thread) is pretty pitted, the crown just appears to have one small pit in it but it deffo has a deviation from a nice clean crown. I'm gonna give it a good polish with some green nasty and then toy with the idea of a ball stone (havent got a dremel some would have to use a cordless drill - eeeeek). TBH I'm just a bit annoyed that I didnt realise that leaving the mod on would have such a negative effect.

    Re choping more off the barrel - I dont think there is a lot more that could come off due to the style of the barrel its self.

    Thanks for the info guys.


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    just go slow and easy with it and get 2 so the final finish can be perfect. you can get a cheap dremal copy from b and q or wickes for less than a tener, then you got one be suprised how many jobs are easer with one you will wonder how you managed without for so long
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    i recently bought a shot out 22-250 from a friend. some bloke that "shoots at bisley" had tidied the crown for him with a dremmel. the rifle wouldnt shoot better that 1.5" with anything i tried in it. i sent it to a "proper" gunsmith, who chopped the thread off, re-crowned it and re threaded it. first 3 shot group after the work measured 0.3".
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    Get it done properly.....

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