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Thread: RFD rules on ammo

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    RFD rules on ammo

    Anyone know what rules RFDs are under with regards to including boxed up factory ammo from the previous owner with a second hand rifle. I have been told its illegal. Is it? or is it just covering their backs from an insurance point of view? I can understand from a handloads point of view but not with sealed boxed of factory ammo.

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    not sure how it can be illegal, if you have the correct space and licence to hold said ammo and he transfers it to you then whats the issue,
    am i missing a point ??

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    Sorry. Probably me not being clear.

    The ammo in question is the boxed up factory ammo that has been returned with the rifle by the previous owner and what restrictions there are with including it in a sale.
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    Holts auctions sell hundreds of lots of ammo - most 2nd hand old stuff that has come from people's gun cabinets when their heirs sell on their fine collections. It's a case of buyer beware. I can see a dealer being reluctant to sell on a partial box unless he knew where it hand come from (is it a box of dodgy hand loads), but can't see the issue on a box of ammo with an unbroken seal.

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    he can buy and sell what he wants

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    When an RFD receives ammo, no matter where it comes from, it is entered on his ledger and to sell it is exactly the same as any other transaction.
    Naturally if an RFD gets some handed in with a part exchange firearm he has to satisfy himself that it is in exactly the same condition as if he obtained it from his normal source or that the person handing it in had the legal authority to have it in the first place..
    Other than that, I'm not sure I understand your query.

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    if you mean the ammo is at a rfd who is sending your purchased rifle from him to you then its going to cost extra, he can't place it in the box with the rifle ans send it to you, it has to go on its own then signed in to the new rfds books and then on to yours,

    i think this may have been spoken about before.

    if i have this wrong then i stand corrected.

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    I have a deal with my local RFD if anyone sells him a rifle with ammo and it matches one of my calibers he gives to me.

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    Tackleberry270 my understanding is that it would be both illegal and unwise for a RFD to sell reloaded ammunition unless it has been subjected to test by the proof house, but any factory loaded ammunition can be resold or passed on. I think that it is fairly common for dealers to pass on to buyers part boxes of ammo that someone has put in with a rifle that is being sold.
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    Thanks for your replies. I found out that the previous owner had returned factory ammo with the rifle but they could not give it to me for legal reasons. I have done some work for a RFD before but not heard of it being a legal issue to pass on factory ammo with a second hand rifle. I won't name the shop as I thinks their service is excellent but I did wonder if it was just an excuse to keep hold of it.

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