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Thread: Antis point of view,

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    Antis point of view,


    following the recent outcry of fox pictures shown here and how the anti hunters may react i wounder if they (the antis ) really are fighting the right people.

    Today i seen yet another deer dead by the side of the road.
    It looked like a young animal and i pondered if it had been cast early due to the good season we have had weather wise.
    Anyhow this animal is one of at least 10 i have seen dead since January 1st.
    I wonder how many more have been maimed or seriously hurt by motors that i haven't seen. also i have seen no less that thirty badgers dead on the road not to mention the tens of foxes also on the roads.

    If you really have an issue re the animals welfare try focusing on local government and adequate road fencing or under-pass's to help prevent the mass slaughter of animals on the roads.


    ps i also agree that the pictures of foxes shot are ok but need we actually see ever entry and exit wound......


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    they wont worry about RTAs , all they will moan about is people like us , saying what we do is wrong because we are doing it for fun and enjoying it . Pictures arent a problem as such , its the type of picture that can be a problem , pictures of foxes that look like a shark has attacked them dont look good you wouldnt post one of a gut shot muntjac but we all know it happens .

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