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Thread: 300tdi Discovery 97p 83k mls full mot owned for 6+years totally reliable vehicle

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    300tdi Discovery 97p 83k mls full mot owned for 6+years totally reliable vehicle

    This is our 97 P reg automatic 5 door 7 seat 300tdi airforce blue discovery and the kids call her Bessie! We're the 2nd owners and this has been our 2nd car for over 6 years now. Largely it has just been my shooting vehicle and also used for camping trips. It is a re import from Japan and we bought it at just 37k miles and have taken it up to 84k miles over our ownership. I replaced the headlining when we bought it as this always sags with the heat in Japan. It has 4 excellent tyres and a brand new spare. Recent work includes 4 new discs and all new brakes and brake pipes for its MOT last year also 1500 miles ago it had the timing belt changed and all oil/filters, and I have always changed the oil religiously every 6k miles. It was sorned has been stood since before Christmas and as a result the battery died so I have just bought a new one last weekend (three year guarantee) and had it MOT'd on Monday where it passed without incident. It also has an electronic immobiliser and a 6 cd auto changer and a radio unit that powers out of the dashboard to form a tv screen! this requires a tuning converter that I never got around to but the screen displays all the CD data and the radio channels. Mechanically it is excellent and without fault and totally reliable and the motor is very very good indeed. The chassis is totally solid as it has only seen 6 years of british weather. The paint is slightly oxidised from an early somewhat sunnier life. The only thing that isn't working is the central locking since I fitted the new battery but and I haven't taken the time to investigate why. I'm looking for 2200 (now 1900) or very (very!) nearest offer, thanks all.

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    Edit 7th March, OK guys, I never thought it would come to this and I think she is worth much more, but, I really need to see her gone so I'm reducing her to a rock bottom 1600 and absolutely no offers!! believe me when I say she will carry you solidly through the summer and all of next shooting season with no worries

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    weekend hoist gents

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    central locking now working it just needed resynchronising (4 rapid pushes of the fob!)

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