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    Does anyone fancy starting a syndicate in Northern Scotland. Highland/Grampian sort of area. If we can get a few interested then we could put in a bid for a forestry block.


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    Are you thinking that this would be best suited to hardy scots or would it be practical for us poncy southerners?

    I would be interested potentially but based in Yorkshire so would not be available on spec, would have to plan trips etc?

    Just wondered what you were thinking


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    I'd be interested, but I don't have my L2 yet, does this mean I can go accompanied by a L2 or is it a NO NO from the start?

    Cheers Bud

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    I am trying to gauge an interest on possibilities of a syndicate. Once I know what kind of interest is out there I can then try to approach land agents, forestry companies etc to see what is available. Anyone would be able to join up to a max figure (undecided on yet but probably a max of 8 to 10) If there were members down south, then access would be allowed when it suits them as they wouldn't be able to access the ground as readily as someone from the local area. If a reasonable chunk could be sought then it could be split into beats so that more than one can access at a time with a strict safety policy. DSC2 is unknown at present, I would try to get something without that stipulation. I have to say though ground is like rocking horse poo.

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    I donít know if this is applicable to all forestry companies, but the one I am a lease holder with limits the number of syndicate members I can have on the lease to 6 maxí. I know the FC have the same limitations on leases down here in the boarders. Something to bear in mind if you are putting a bid on a block and are looking to split the fee 10 ways only to find when you win it that 6 of you have to pick up the whole bill.

    Perhaps other lease holders can comment.

    PS can I join?

    Only jesting.

    Best rgds


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    I would be interested jingzy.

    I put a circular round all the private companies and land agents last week, looking for leases and contracts.

    Nothing doing.

    Rocking horse S***e sales might be more of a go'er, lol

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    You will find the FC are changing the numbers of rifles on their leases,the 2 i hold have a max of 6 but this year i chased two blocks and the numbers where 2 max and 3 max in the past these blocks had over 6 in the syndicate best to phone and check the small print,but if you come across some ground please give me a shout....

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    Hi Jingzy,

    I'd certainly be interested. Stay in the Central belt but easy enough to travel.
    Been trying to get something from the FC for ages but no luck.


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    i would be intrested give me a shout if anythink comes off.

    cheers Gadget

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    Im interested, can we not find somewhere more local?

    Scotland is ok, but a 3 hour drive to the borders.

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