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Thread: BSA 22 hornet

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    BSA 22 hornet

    Hi all

    was after some advice i have a BSA 22 hornet and after puting hornaday 35 gr throug it i couldent get a good group at all.
    iv moved on to wintchester 45 gr because i was told a hevyer bullets might wor better. This has tightened it up but only to about a 2in group at 100y

    so i was thinking about re laoding or takeing a 2in off re crowning and screwcut for mod the only thing thats bothering me about that is it still has original iron site and im botherd that it might de value the rifle if they do become colecabul in the futer.

    dose any one no about BSA 22 hornets and if they are worth keeping original and if so what bullet do they recomend
    or should i just get it cut crownd and threded


    ps i know my speling is not good at all but hey hope you can understand it

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    I have a BSA in .22 Hornet, which I have kept in original condition. They are very hard to come by with good bores as most that I have seen are pitted etc. They are all 50+ years old. My rifle is in very good condition and I paid 250 for it together with some ammo. Other than a collector, they are mainly sought after for the action that can be used to make a custom rifle. I tried several over the years but none would shoot straight owing to wear or neglect in the bore. As you are probably aware, the scope mounting rails are an unusual size requiring Parker-Hale roll off mounts. Brithunter is the man for the detail on this.
    Before making any permanent changes I would suggest that the barrel is looked at by a riflesmith. Unfortunately there are no new BSA barrels left now in Hornet.
    I have not tried 35 grain factory ammo but Winchester 46grain factory ammo does not shoot well in my rifle. RWS 46grain shoots well at about 2,300fps mv. I enjoy reloading and have loaded 13 grains of H Li'll Gun with a small pistol primer under a 40grain Sierra hollow point. It gives 2,900fps mv and close groups. If I set it an inch high at 100 yds it is more or less flat at 150 yds. Much nonsense has been written about the Hornet being difficult to reload. It is not, you just need to be careful, so don't be put off. With a bit of luck Muir will pop up soon and will give you his view. Good luck.

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    HI grousekeeper
    how old is the rifle . get it check out by a good gun smith befor reloading for it some older rifle hade 223 barrels. hope thiss helps
    atb derek

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    dont no the age or model is ther any wear i could look it up useing the serial numbers
    was thinking maby a hunter but not sure?

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    brithunter my help you on serial numbers and give you aprox age on your rifle

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    The serial number will give the model not teh age it's the Birmingham Private View mark which tells it's age. Beign a .22 Hornet means you have either a Hunter or Regent. I suggest before knowing anymore it's a regent as the Hunters had the name Hunter on the left side ot the action.

    That is my regent in .222 Remington. Yours will have a serial number prefix of 1C or C1 I suspect. if it's 1A or 1B then it is a Hunter.

    Scope mounts are not the problem some think. Infact any good rings (Not Millets ...................... Please) that will fit the Brno ZKK 600 or CZ550 can be adapted by removing the lug that fits into the recess on the Brno/CZ action and fitting of a recoil stud to fit into the dimple/hole in the rear bridge of the BSA.

    As for it's shooting poorly may I suggest you clean the bore properly, with a good rod and bronze brush with nitro powder solvent and a copper fouling remover as chances are it's well fouled. Check the crown for damage/wear with a jewlers lupe or strong magnifying glass.

    The pull the stock off and check for damge to the bedding and barrel channel as it's also very possible that some "well meaning" person in the past has tried to improve on it by free floating the barrel and in doing so wrecked the stock/metal fit.

    Then normally shoot well if in good and cared for condition. 5 shots and yes I could do better I suppose .

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek treherne View Post
    HI grousekeeper
    how old is the rifle . get it check out by a good gun smith befor reloading for it some older rifle hade 223 barrels. hope thiss helps
    atb derek
    This is a good cautionary note but in reality, it has little bearing on safety and sometimes, more on accuracy. I have what is supposed to be a .223" 218 Bee that was barreled using a .223" groove diameter, 1925-made Springfield Armory barrel. I tried .223" bullets but .224" bullets shot better with no apparent change in pressure. If the BSA has a .223" barrel made (and remaining) exactly to spec it may shoot better with .223" bullets, but safety wouldn't be an issue. In this particular case it would have reared it's ugly head already with the Hornady factory ammo.

    I have no clue about the accuracy of this particular rifle. I'd suggest trying different factory ammo after verifying that the scope (it has a scope?) is working. Short of rebarreling the action with a custom barrel, I'd consider handloading. If you can't work up a decent load, then consider a rebarrel. The age of the rifle doesn't concern me in itself, but there is always the chance that it just never was that accurate to begin with. Hornets from some makers can be persnickety. I have owned my share of bad ones.~Muir

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    if there is nothing wrong with the rifle ,what is your load setup i found that when i crimped the cases it was much more accurate i also used small pistol primers,hope you get a bit of luck atb steve

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    carnt get a good pic of the numbers but they read 1B2153 it also has 22 hornet 1.40" and the proof stamps and BSA
    give the gun a good clean and the crown looks ok by eye and the rifleing looks crisp all the way to the end.

    would you advise me to keep it in origional condition ie not get it screw cut and moded? if so i might look ino geting another in not so good condition that i can use for work. Or it the rifel never going to be worth anithing to worry about i no they have gone up in value alot in the last 5 year or so the first hornet i had was a bruno and it was a dream to use i got it for 100 scoped about 5 year ago and sold it on a year later for the same

    cheers for all your help

    just had another look and ther is a C stamped back from the number so it might read C 1B2153
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    also im not re loading at the moment but just got a coustom rem in ACI stock so might start reloading for that and the hornet

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