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Thread: Savage .17hmr btvs

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    Savage .17hmr btvs

    Can anyone tell me what is the diameter of the barrel behind the mod threads? thinking about an LEI mod and wondered what the difference in diameter would be - would the barrel run straight onto the mod as is the case I believe with the CZ thumbhole?

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    Hi w16oen

    I have a the same set up and the mod is slightly larger ( talking only a mm or two) so is slightly raised from where the barrel threads start , looks great though

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    Thanks Scoie. What do think of the BTVS - is the mag release fiddly, is the accutrigger similar to a two stage setup whereby you take up the slack and then resistance and release, is there two barrel lengths? Cheers W160EN

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    Hi W16OEN

    I find the savage an excellent gun, had a cz varmint before no problems with it but really liked the look of the savage and this was before cz did thumbhole stocks.
    One came up at a great price , as new in carbine (16" ish ) barrel ( they do a standard barrel too) , and its been great, looks superb , is a handy size , weight, and is silky smooth to operate, the accutrigger is one of the best fitted imo , the mag catch is the only flaw in a perfect gun , but only because it looks a bit odd, it performs perfectly and not overly fiddly and have never had a mag fall out.
    I think a question has been raised before on Savage BTVS and they ( if i remember correct) get a positive report, i would certainly recommend it

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    Thanks very much Craig, Cheers W16OEN

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    I would never take a Savage over a CZ. I have 60 year old CZ's but a 60 year old Savage (should you find one) is usually in the parts bin.

    That said, I ordered a Savage bolt .22 yesterday. Sixteen inch barrel, Accutrigger, rail mounts, weighted bolt, and threaded for a suppressor: $235~Muir

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    Savage is a good accurate rifle well built . Cz may be good but looks and feels like its come from fairground.

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