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Thread: thoughts on harris bipod

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    thoughts on harris bipod

    gents, I'm about to order a new bipod for my roe/fox/hill rifle. I'm set on the 9-13" harris swivel - but..

    A. is the notched legs best or the fully adjustable,,

    B. is 90 a good price or can I find better?

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    Optics Warehouse are doing them for 78.95 - I prefer notched legs.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    I had one on the last 2 rifles,

    while out with John a YDS he asked had I ever used them,
    when I think back no I either shoot prone or off sticks,
    I sold them,
    before you spend 90 ask yourself do you need them or just want them?

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    thanks for the replies guys.

    Bob,,good point, but I do for the hill and to take foxes off a shooting platform I built on the front of the quad bike. for normal roe stalking you're spot on

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    Hi, I have a set of those that just sit on the reloading bench. Good as new, only reason I don't use them is I'm 5' 7'' and I'm too short for them. So I use a shorter set. Mine are the fully adjustable set. I'd sell you mine for 65 posted if you want a set. PM me if your interested.

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    I think they are a really solid rest and I feel confident enough to shot deer at considerable distance that otherwise with out one on I wouldn't attempt if I only had sticks. Having said that I have shot many more deer off the sticks and when doing that with the bipod attached for me this feels uncomfortable and would prefer not to have one, they do effect the balance and so does the moderator.

    If harris did a quick release snap on/off system like some of the more expensive manufactures this would help.

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    1stPP - PM sent.

    Deerstalker - I've previously used the stoneypoint polecat rapid pivot bipod which you keep in the pocket and snap on for shots..perfect,,,except that the fitting breaks and sends your rifle off your shoulder into the ground scope good!

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    Just because they are attached to the rifle you dont have to use them, at least they are there if you cannot get a steady enough shot.
    I like the snap on/off system as per Atlas and Versa pod but you never know when you might want them.
    If you tend to lie up and wait and shoot from the prone position they are invaluable.

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    I just bought a set of Caldwell XLA 13.5-27". I find the shorter ones great for zeroing and target stuff but out in the field especially later in the year the grass or wheat is too long and I had to go onto short sticks. So with the lamp, bino's, sticks etc all too much kit too carry. I'm hoping I can now used the long bipod in the sitting kneeling position. I can use it at 13.5" but it may be a little high if you dont have reasonably long arms. Might be a thought for you aswell. The caldwell was 73 I think and it nice and light but firm. I did have to put a leather packing piece under front edge to stop legs contacting the mod. Hope you find what you need.

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    good bipod and best size .... sniper systems do a good 1....

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