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Thread: Crows nest camp and the mighty hob nob

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    Crows nest camp and the mighty hob nob

    After a few days of climbing the walls of the house I finally snapped and called Nemo to help restore my sanity (although some/most would say that's not possible!) After aquick blather on the dog and bone it was agreed to jump in the wheels of steel and head away for a Friday night with a difference.

    Even though it was only 2 sleeps away,Friday couldn't come fast enough.

    With my pack full of everything and more, I was waiting eagerly for the knock at the door. In true Nemo style, he was fashionably late.....

    With the wagon rolling, we were heading for heaven. We were sadly behind schedule at the mo, so once there we dumped the wheels of steel and quickly changed into our Ninja stealth clothes, grabbed our favourite weapons, then our rifles,donned our packs and headed into an ankle breaking, tussock covered,granite strewn, boggy shithole that Roe seem to get a real big hardon for!!!

    Around an hour into the yomp, which would be a good test for any SAS trooper, Nemo spotted some deer, but with his old eyes, bless him, the deer spotted him first and weren't hanging around. We decided that as the light was going quite quickly, we'd let them be and find a suitable area and set up camp.

    At near on dark, we found a nice crevice in the the granite with a few small trees. It took Nemo all of about 5 seconds to put up his lovely shiny new stratosphere bivi bag, but me wanting a bit more comfort took a little while longer to string up my beautiful 3 US dollar hammock from Cambodia, with a tarp over the top. During this time Nemo was trying every trick in his somewhat small book of fire starting to get a fire going with the bits and bobs we could find nearby, and to the guy's credit managed to get a beauty going for the night.

    Now was the point we were both hoping we could be toasting a nice venison steak with the camp all set up..... If only we got there earlier!

    With that in mind, out came the noodles for me with a packet of chocolate covered hob nobs..... Mmmmm........ Meanwhile Nemo had beans and sausages cooked over the fire. Good job I'm not the jealous type.... the tw*t!

    The night then consisted of the usual campfire stories involving women, drink, and the odd shitty joke thrown in till bedtime. Bearing in mind SNOW was forecast overnightwe were looking forward to what the morning was gonna bring us!

    It took a while for Nemo to squeeze not only his own muscular frame into his bivi bag, but also that of his dog! Wish I had a picture of that! At first I was feeling sorry for him laying there with his dogs ring piece hovering over his nose, until I found out I was about to have a real crap night's sleep.
    This was due to the shoddy workmanship of the Cambodian children in their sweat shops!!!
    Needless to say I didn't sleep much, managed to fall out once as well, but all the same loved every minute , laying in the hammock wrapped up in a toasty sleeping bag, getting smoked out whilst watching the fire slowly dying down.

    Long before dawn broke through we had a brew on the go, and were getting our kit together for a mornings ambush. Much to our dismay, there was no snow, which made our job of spotting deer a lot harder with this ground.

    We set off to some high ridges to see what we could see. Eventually my eagle eyes picked out a buck and doe. They were in the open, but not hanging around as the weather was pretty poor. The wind was quite strong and rainy sleet was setting in. The 2 deer got themselves to a bit of cover and chilled out. We watched them for a while trying to work out what they would do next when they started heading for a gap in the brush. I got myself steadied and played the waiting game with Nemo ready for a follow up if needed.....
    She stepped forwards and presented a spot on broad side view. With this, the trigger was squeezed and I watched her fold and drop on the spot. Although I've shot many deer, this was a first for me as I had Nemo's dog laying on my back trying to keep warm!

    Naturally there were lots of 'high fives' and 'whoop whoops' (we weren't gonna miss brekkie) After wondering over to clean her out, we removed a bit of the good stuff, and headed back to camp to cook up some mouth wateringly gooooooood steak, and oh man that was good!!!

    Sadly things were coming to an end with the weather continuing on a downward spiral. We soon had the camp packed up and I found a couple of left-over hob nobs (which, later, Iwas very glad of)

    With packs on, we headed for the carcass. Once there we had to work out how we'd attach it. Stupidly, I offered to carry it as I have slightly younger legs, so with me bending down, Nemo threw her on top of the pack. I wouldn't recommend this to people that don't like things getting covered in blood! It was not long before I was farked, and with his heart full of kindness, Nemo offered to take over. He he he!!! He didn't realise how heavy she was and started ruining the peace and tranquillity with some truuuly foul language, and that was before I'd even loaded it on!! He managed surprisingly further than I thought, but generously let me do the last leg of the journey. This was where the last two chocolate covered hob nobs came into their own and gave me the power and strength to finish! All hail to the mighty hob nob!

    We had a quick change, threw our gear in the back of the truck and headed for home.

    Cheers bud for another bloody goodgetaway. Click image for larger version. 

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    Well I always learn from things like this, and needless to say, I've already got myself a bivi bag!!
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    good read that ,it is good to get out and hunt with the basics i have a great hammock that doubles as a bivvy when no trees are available with a good midge net sewn in ,atb wayne ps congrats on the roe and great to see pics

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    he forgets to say that all the carcass carrying he did was down hill ,and i being the bloody pack horse,carried it up agreat big hill and across a boggy crappy bit,but all in all it was a good night and morn and if anyones looking for a light weight 1 man tent the snugpac stratosphere is a cracking bit of kit (not to clever with a dog in tho)
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemo View Post
    he forgets to say that all the carcass carrying he did was down hill ,and i being the bloody pack horse,carried it up agreat big hill and across a boggy crappy bit

    Oi, its my story, not yours.....

    If thats the case, I wont tell them who REALLY got the fire going

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    Cracking write up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooter View Post
    cracking write up.
    +1 Great write up!


    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Excellent read. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.
    I was surprised you could light a fire - that's a big NO, NO around where I stalk.

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    Great write up! thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    Excellent read. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.
    I was surprised you could light a fire - that's a ig NO, NO around where I stalk.
    I was surprised I could light a fire as well everything was that wet,no seriously as long as I use a bit of sense my landowner is very good about stuff like that,where in Durham you from
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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