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Thread: is this a good deal??

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    is this a good deal??

    opinions pls if you may - Parker Hale .30-06 Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle also is the parker hale midland rifle any good?? thanks very much

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    Sounds like a good deal to me there is nothing wrong with PH rifles the scope is worth 300 so you are getting the rifle for next to nothing.

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    Parker Hale are always on the cheaper end of the scale, bit if the rifling is in good nick and has a good bit of life left in it then don't see why not. The swarovski scope although it looks older is surely worth a few pounds too. The gun looks like it has seen very little use from the photo on guntrader. I would certainly say it was worth going and having a look at it and shoot it too, only way to find out in my opinion.

    Most probably someone has traded it in for something and he is looking to shift it at a price that will get interest and off his shelves. Got to be worth the drive if that's what you want.

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    well im after a 30-06 as a package if poss. off to newark this sat to see what can be found i know this is going to be there - Cogswell Harrison .30-06 Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle looks like it started life out in africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by norfolk shooter View Post
    well im after a 30-06 as a package if poss. off to newark this sat to see what can be found i know this is going to be there - Cogswell Harrison .30-06 Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle looks like it started life out in africa
    Personally out of those two I would be more tempted with the first one. As many people say, its all about the optics. Nothing wrong with pecar but its a swarovski and with the larger objective that makes a difference in low light. Plus the second rifle looks like it has had a hard life whereas the first looks like a much easier one! Again cannot tell till you have looked down the barrel.

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    Plus the extension to the stock would be enough to put me off the second. Would niggle at me, a lot!
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    i like my parker and hale i know a few others with them as well all very accurate with the swaro on its a cracking deal ,just check it out ,atb wayne

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    The PH looks in decent nick. The scope is worth at least half the 450 asking price. Not much risk there.

    I woul not touch the cogswell with a bargepole.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    +1 The Cogswell looks awful. The PH with scope seems like a reasonable deal but will obviously need to be inspected prior to purchase.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I think, I would have to look very carefully down the barrel of the first rifle before considering a purchase.

    Yes the Swaro is worth 250 (ish), but really, who honestly uses 6x42 these days,,,, there are loads for sale because unless youre getting close, youll probably want at least a 8x mag scope.

    The rifle, yes it looks tidy, again, only a borescope will truly tell.

    30-06 - if your shooting roe, muntjack or CWD, then you may find you lose lots of meat unless you select carefully what bullet you use.

    If its Reds, Fallow or Sika, then its an ideal calibre,

    Plenty of better rifle set ups availably IMHO for just a little more.

    I think personally I would have to think carefully if this scope, calibre combination is ideally suited to ones needs....

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