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    first time out

    Hi all it's a couple of weeks now but i jumped in with both feet and took my vizsla bitch pup stalking with me,Elsa is only 12 months old and has seen,pulled on etc quiet a few deer carcases in the garage.
    I had arranged to spend 4 days on my lease with my stalking mate,so off we set me and elsa heading for a large area of fresh restock just as the day was breaking.
    In the early morning light i could make out two roe way out and above me they where working back to the safety of the tall trees so of we set up a quad track with the wind in our favour,I had elsa on a lead and she was so excited she could sense where the deer had been during the night as we passed red slots on we went untill we should have been above the roe and we waited 40 minutes and no show off in to the clear fell we went elsa head up sniffing in the wind slowly we where right on the spot where they had been elsa was very excited I was gutted they had gone.......
    Back to the quad track the wind was with us time for a new plan then out to our right 600+ yards in the morning sun was a red hind at the bottom of a ride with a small glade below her,I had elsa sat down as i glassed the glade and ride and yes a calf was out from under the trees.
    With elsa on the lead we needed to cross restock keeping low this was going to be a long shot as the hind was looking across towards the area we where crossing inbetween us where thicket stage conifers i set elsa down to my side and got down to get set for the shot,she sat quiet happy i was down my tikka 695 .270 with atec mod was ready the hind moved back into the trees but the calf was still out on the glade then the hind popped out above the calf at the edge of the trees right then elsa still sat im happy all systems go cross hair on the hind top of shoulder as she puts her head down to feed the tikka barks and she drops on the spot i feel the lead pull elsa is stood up i quickly sit her down again the calf has run 5 yards and stands side on the tikka barks again and down it goes,
    I get my self together and of we set elsa is off the lead we have 375 yards to go I guess thats what africa does for you elas is following a deer path infront of me full of excitement when we get to the corner of the glade i cast her off we wher within 50 yards by this time and shes off all spring and summer shes only seen roe she finds the hind and stops in her tracks not sure what shes found still job done,i pull the calf up and sort the beasts out nows she one happy lady all that sent and tasty tripe as a treat Im so proud its just the begining

    amberdog [/img]

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    Nice write up. You must justifiably be very proud of Elsa, sounds like she worked a charm!


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    Good to see your hard work paying off. Well done to you both


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    Nice post Amberdog I enjoyed reading it. One small piece of advice, when I shoot a deer I always drop my dog at the point I shoot from (your dog should drop to shot just like a spaniel, if it does not, get a starting pistol out and train it to. If you have to shoot again your dog should then be on the deck.) I then walk to were the deer was standing looking for any paint and pins and only then do I call the dog to me. This way your dog will be less likely to start running in on deer while or after you shoot.

    Best rgds


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    Thanks for the tip im of next week for a few days hopefully i'll get chance to try it out


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    twitching to get out with my dog , well done on your trip out
    Good isnt it .

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