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    Hi All

    Imagine my shock last week whilst out soil sampling in a field of unlifted sugarbeet. I was half way up my first zig zag of sampling when a CWD errupted from almost under my feet! This was very close to Felixstowe! I'll be keeping my eye out!


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    Make sure you chase it in an Easterly direction mate!
    What a dilemma though? Do you shoot the first you see just in case you never see another, or do you wait and hope its friends come along?
    I think I would probably wait myself. Wouldn't mind the chance to just see one. Maybe combine it with a level 2 stalk eh?

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    What's this? CWD and a cracking Muntjac buck

    Any chance you can tell us the 6 numbers to choose for the lottery this week?


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    Hi Gents

    Seen a couple on the norfolk/suffolk borders but massively surprised at one over in felixstowe just waiting for them to establish a bit more......- done well to end up in Felixstome and not require Mr Monkey Spankers services at an RTA... dont know where else they are out that way??

    Cheers for now..

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    We have 12 just up the coast from you on Orford Ness, I think there are some around the Walberswick area.


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