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Thread: Muntjac wellington

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    Muntjac wellington

    Did a muntac wellington last night, used two fillets as they were prity small. Boy was it good eating thought! Next time when I seal the fillets Will do them for 30seconds each side as once in the oven they still cook further, would have liked them a little bit rarer but still was good eating!
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    Now that looks nice........................... Mmmmmmm .

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    Muntjac wellington ? is that like dog trainer only bigger and with less dog ?

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    Yes the problem you get is that with a small fillet the pastry will not be cooked if you want a rare or medium rare piece of meat.

    Top nosh though.

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    Looks like a good experiment. My muntjac experiment was to only very light smoke a whole fillet having soaked it in beer brine overnight, then sliced off very thin carpaccio like slices. The result- food fit for kings! I think the muntjac meat is a whole genre of venison being finer and more delicate.

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    Muntjac my favourite ,to stalk ,to shoot and to eat and 99% of people i have given some to seem to aggree ,in fact i can get more money per lb of muntjac than any other type of venison . Pitty they are so unpredictable in there habits and movements making everytime i shoot shoot 1 a very good day

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