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Thread: If you had to nominate one thing...?

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    If you had to nominate one thing...?

    I was thinking about all the kit we need to go stalking, how much money I've spent (and wasted) over the years and which kit has been a 'god send'.

    Then I started to think that if I had to nominate one thing, one item I've bought that really has surprised and impressed time and time again and that I wouldn't be without now, what would it be? I'm not necessarily talking about an expensive scope or rifle which you'd expect to deliver.

    For me it my Seeland beaters trousers. I bought them over three years ago and it they can be beaten for comfort, durability and cost then I'd be amazed!

    If you had to nominate 'gods gift to stalking' what would yours be?



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    I'm with you Rob on the Seeland beater trousers, especially up a drafty highseat!
    My personal favourite piece of kit is my 'Kammo jacket'. Everyone I used to stalk with had one and they all swore by them! Pricey but well worth it!

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    A wife that dosnt complain everytime you go stalking and come home stinking like a stags armpit. Dont see many of those for sale.

    Only joking after 25 years mines got use to it?

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    One thing

    A friend gave me a bit of rope/cord with a small pulley at one end.

    For years I'd been staggering around the wood trying to find a likely tree to hang the fallow from, getting covered in blood and guts and stuffing up my back.

    Now it's a piece of cake to get them into the tree.


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    if you had to nominate one thing

    for me it would hav to be my knife , for years i hav had dark coloured handles so you were constantly searching for them in the car or on the deck when doing a gralloch and god forbid if you dropped it while stalking cos u never saw the darn thing again, then one day a saviour came in the form of dave stretton with his cycadelic orange handle had the same knife now over 3 stretch , all i do is open the car and there it is if you drop it can see from miles away long live dave

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    A game chiller that takes two fallow.
    I can now shoot whatever the weather and dont have to rush about carcass prep for up to 10 days.



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    On the subject of David Stretton, his butchery DVD is a God send. I now know what to do with the meat, rather than just chopping a bit off and saying to the wife 'Err make this edible'!

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    Where can I get mself a copy of Dave Strettons DVD? It sound like exactly what I need.

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    My best bit of kit would have to be my Cabelas Smock. No matter what the weather (even Highland rain!) it has always proved itself to be 100% waterproof and warm.

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