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Thread: Brno .375 HH

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    Brno .375 HH

    I have for sale my Brno .375 HH,
    It has done less than 50 rounds from new ( guaranteed)
    it has a couple of marks on the stock but the camera struggled to pick them up
    sat on it is a Swarovski Habitch nova 2.2 - 9 x 42 which has some seating ring marks on (included in sale )
    also included are a set of reloading dies in new condition
    35 new cases and some fired, along with any heads and loaded ammo I still have
    The rifle is zeroed to the ammo and a test fire is available
    Overall the rifle is in good nick

    Face to Face prefered
    Price 1200
    Please PM me if genuinely interested and we can discuss further ( Warwickshire / Coventry)

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    May be tempted to split if anyone is just after the rifle only


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    how much for the rifle only, one in similar condition for sale locally to me so curious what you're thinking?



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    Was looking at the 700-750 mark for rifle alone
    350 for the scope
    And not sure about the the heads, cases and set of dies, but they are spoken for if sold seperate as another forum member has first dibs on them
    But everything is negotiable to a point

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    Price drop
    Rifle , mounts & reloading dies/cases/ammo 650
    Scope 300 + postage

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    Scope now. sold Pending usuals

    Rifle , mounts & reloading Items still for sale
    Now 550

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    Hi can you please tell me if this rifle is still for sale.

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