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Thread: The Poacher JB

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    The Poacher JB

    I spent a couple of hours today in the company of a man I have known in various ways for most of my life. I'll call him JB (Not our JayB). A dedicated and very expert poacher, running dogs/terrier man. Hard as nails and not adversed to more than occassional scrap. As a teenager I recall seeing him walking through our home town with at least 6 assorted poaching dogs in tow. I remember owning a border collie and it being involved in a fight with a labrador. After splitting the dogs I see JB walking over the park towards me, oh ****, I'm thinking it's one of his dogs I'm in for a hard time but no he was over to see how my dog was and to offer help. In later years I meet with him again. In my early days in the Police there was many a call to JB causing some sort of disturbance. Usually 6 cops were just about enough to get him into a van. Jeeez, he could fight and as strong as a bull.
    Now at 79 the twinkle is still in his eyes as he talks about his many dogs chasing the hare, the bitch that collided with the gate at full pelt and killed herself, the deer he poached, the bags of rabbits he caught in long nets and the terrier which lost an eye to a fox. As he says "Never had much, but my family never went to bed hungry"
    Today we see poachers and dogmen as the lowest of the low but JB you are one of lives characters.

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    But still a criminal at the end of the day

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    Aye! One mans Freedom fighter is another mans terrorist!

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    Very true Gazza. Sometimes it's generational, sometimes its just a bad un. We have a well known family down here where dad is very much like JB, I believe he actually wrote about his adventures. One brother is from the same mold, a gentleman ( ? ) poacher, next brother is just a criminal who poaches. Rest of family disaprove as they are poachers, end of. Don't get involved in GBH, car theft, house breaking etc. They don't consider themselves to be criminals and believe that their activities don't impact on anyone.

    It would be boring as hell if we were all the same though.

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    Poachers are vermin... but then so are Ratty and Mole and look how it turned out for them. Spin is everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamus View Post
    Poachers are vermin... but then so are Ratty and Mole and look how it turned out for them. Spin is everything.
    Pedant perhaps, but 'ratty' being a watervole, most definitely not subject though, so

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    Quote Originally Posted by eggy s View Post
    But still a criminal at the end of the day
    Yea but who would be worse treated, this man who was trying to feed his family and support himself( i'm not doubting a criminal) or the person who claims bogus benefits, does not insure there vehicle etc etc i'm not saying one is right and one is wrong but in this day and age I think we all know who would end up in court first!!!

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    At 79 i would off thought life was a little different then most of you lot calling im scum dads or grandads would off been stood next to him to feed there family


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    There's a guy like JB in our village, has always been a singleton and has always 'walked his dogs' on our land. He never had permission as such but we don't mind him really. Me and him came to an agreement a couple of years ago since he's getting on now, he wouldn't bother the deer with the dogs if I dropped him one off now and again. Good deal that works for the both of us.

    Some call these sorts of blokes criminals or scum or whatever, but unless you get to know them and their ways you can't really comment. These sorts of men have a LOT to teach when it comes to Charlie!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eggy s View Post
    But still a criminal at the end of the day
    I think in some ways you must have to appreciate that this man lived in an unruly world with similar unruly persons. He certainly was a fighter but then so were the people he associated with. His reputation was almost legendary.

    As far as his poaching exploits are concerned and his love of nature and hunting/trapping he is a fountain of knowledge. His dogs had no pedigrees but the breeding was probably exceptional. He still knows the lineage of almost every dog he owned. His attention to detail in not being caught is without doubt masterful. He has no time whatsoever for todays poachers.

    Yes in some eyes "just a criminal" but sometimes the book is far more than the cover.

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