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    Camera Trap

    A little advice please?

    Which camera trap does not give off any visible light at all in night vision mode?
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    The new stealth can that bushwear are selling with 'no glo' or something is probably what your after. It has black coloured LEDs, however they let out the faintest red glo when the camera activates which can be seen if you look directly at it however if there was any ambient light or light pollution from built up areas you wouldn't notice it.

    Got one last week and tested it and it's quite good. The bad point is that my PC didn't want to play the videos so I had to use a SD card reader to burn the product to disc which then played through windows media player.

    Hope this helps.


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    For normal use against game this model should do the job,
    if your wanting it for use against poachers you need a passive light system...
    there is some out there i will have a look for you and pm the details.

    from memory they can be expensive...

    ps you will find it for sale in the uk probably twice that price in sterling

    his one can send you the picture so if the little sticky fingered gits steal it you still have the picture of them doing it
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    Thanks very much for the information and the links.

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