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Thread: Cost of the Highland visit

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    Cost of the Highland visit

    The costs of the three days up in the Highlands for the level 2 witnessed stalks etc will be as follows, these costs have been calculated on the number of people who have expressed an interest attending. The costs will vary if the numbers vary


    75 per 3 days, all inclusive of amenities, but DOES NOT INCLUDE, food or any witness out of pocket expenses, with the exception of his accommodation which is covered.


    50 per stalk plus if you want the carcase it will be at game dealer prices, saddled or badly shot beasts that the game dealer will not pay for will have to be bought, or any deduction by the game dealer refunded. Trophy fees on top of this will be as follows, Hinds and Sika spikers will be free, a Sika stag of 6-8 points will be 250. A red spiker will be an additional 50 and a representative head will be 250.
    These prices have to be levied in order to cover the cost of the lease and rent of the accommodation, they are however cheap. Those of you wishing to take up the offer will be contacted shortly, with details of where to send your 10 non refundable deposit. The remainder of the money will have to be paid by the 1st of August.

    The will also be a questionnaire which will require various details that we shall need to sort out the admin.

    All those that are definitely interested please pm us.


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    This is a truly fantastic offer, for those that have taken their time to sort this out we must take off our hats. I do hope everyone that has expressed an interest will make the most of the opportunity presented here. I've got to speak to the missus and plan around work, here's hoping!
    I take it that it will only be stags on the Monday and Tuesday?

    Many thanks Admin

    Regards JT

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    Yes stags for the two days, both Sika and Red, followed by hinds. So those that book the first 3 days get the best of both worlds.

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    count me in and thanks for sorting it all out lads.


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    Please count me in for the first three days and many thanks for the kind offer.. terry

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