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Thread: Safe ?

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    Safe ?

    Watch the little animation and then the main clip. See if you can watch it without getting sweaty hands !

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    Made me queeeeeesy...
    Get to the top, "ffs, I've forgotten me pliers"

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    Seen that one before, still makes me shudder watching it, brave guys with a very good head for heights.

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    seen it before.

    i was working for a small comms company RACAL in the late 80's not long after the army days, and had to climb a 900 foot mast just north east of a place called east ilsley on the A34 north of newbury.

    it took me 2 hours and 34 minutes, my arms and legs where stinging/burning from the climb, but that was not the worst bit, i had no strength in my hands to hold the tools when i got to the Antenna that i had to move up then tighten back up.

    in the end it took me all day, i had my lunch at 765 feet in a 9mph wind that was moving the top of the mast about 1meter in that wind.

    them days have long gone. but it was fun

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    Bo**ocks to that! I can think of nicer ways to spend the day! I hope he is on some serious money!

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    i never used to think i had a problem with heights..... untill i watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It starrted about my ankles and krept up to my knees then into my thighs, I slowly, no quikly lost controle of my legs, And that is just watching it, I kept saying its a video, but my legs kept saying DOWN! DOWN! AAAhhhggrrr

    ATB Barry

    PS I did play it all! Wasnt that Brave of me!!

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    well i,m a scaffolder and been upto 600 ft, can work at 300 ft alday long without batting an eye lid. but reckon my ass would be twitching like a rabbits nose at that height(if you could get me up there) stav
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    the two of them where wanting to go on the top mast did you see the other chap.... ?????
    looked like both sides of his harness where attached to mast and none to him BONKERS OR WHAT

    been high before but that took it to a new level.

    can honestly say no i would not do that thanks for asking

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