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Thread: Small scratch on neck of case

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    Small scratch on neck of case


    Just noticed that on my 6.5x55 I get a small scract on the neck of the case apx 2mm in length from the point where the neck starts to narrow. Any ideas why? Ive given it a good clean and it does seem to ahev reduced but still light scratch there.

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    hi Steve

    if you have a bore scope id check it out. the last thing you need is a bit of crap in the chamber marking all the brass,

    we know that brass is softer then the chamber, but once the chamber has a mark in it, it will mark every case you use from now on,

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    Have a look at the lips on the mag especially if its a pressed tin affair, sometimes there is a small dimple which projects into the mag in front of the main lips, this is there to press on the neck as the case is pushed forward causing the front of the round to rise, I had a tikka 595 that was jamming the cases on a sharp edge on this dimple when chambering a round, it was also leaving a scratch. (there is a dimple on both sides of the mag)
    regards dg

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    Thanks chaps, will have a look. Not noticed it before so ill have a good look later..Cant reuse these cases now, will risk a split on the next load.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevienicknacks View Post
    Thanks chaps, will have a look. Not noticed it before so ill have a good look later..Cant reuse these cases now, will risk a split on the next load.
    It's not a scratch then?
    As for neck split, where is the problem?
    Use the brass!

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0e_bl0ggs View Post
    It's not a scratch then?
    As for neck split, where is the problem?
    Use the brass!
    It is a scratch, just concerned its in a place that it could weaken it the neck and casue it to split next time. Only 10 cases adn they are 4th fired so in the bin they will go.

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    Check the scratch isnt being caused on extraction...the case mak be striking the rear edge of the chamber mouth, the extraction port, or another part of the rifle.

    I have a Rem 700 that has a Sako extractor fitted, the ejected brass stricked the windage knob of the scope, before I put some proptection on the turret, it marked the brass...

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    A young friend of mine was using his 30-06 in muddy conditions when culling park herds. We think he must have got a piece of hard grit in the chamber. The result was scratched cases and the occasional heavy report. When we closely examined the chamber with a bore scope we could see a piece of metal had been scratched from the chamber and caused a burr. Why the heavy report was occasional we never discovered. If you have a burr in your chamber, get it polished out by someone who knows what they are doing and that will (hopefully) resolve the problem. I have also experienced a similar problem caused by a manufacutring defect in a resizing die, which scratched the brass. I sent the die for polishing out but was told that the problem was in the manufactuing process and could not be resolve by polishing. I still have the defective die. I thought that I had introduced a piece of grit but it seems otherwise. If the cases are only lightly scratched then I have had no problem with reloading, however if it is a deeper score mark then that would most likely be unsafe and warrant discarding them. Always err on the side of caution.

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    Hi when dose this happen ie reloading or when fired & extracted out the rifle chamber etc. Sounds like grit etc in die or chamber any chance you post a pic?.

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    take your dies apart steve. and give them a good clean with some brake cleaner and a cotton bud.

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