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Thread: What are the best trees to plant to hold deer ?

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    What are the best trees to plant to hold deer ?

    I have a small farm frequented by Roe and very occaisional Red. I only have a few acres of woodland but am thinking of planting a few trees to try and hold the deer. What trees are best ? I have heard Lime trees are good but are slow growing so they might be ok for my great grand children. Anything else I could plant ? Crab apple ? Damson ? or anything else besides trees ?
    Thanks Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    +2 willow,try some mineral licks and maybe saltze paste or something similar.

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    Forgot to mention, if you have any willow already on site they are very easy to take cuttings from. March-oct is best
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Not sure what type we have but just planted out 21 Willows that I rooted from slips pruned a couple of seasons ago. Should have got them in last year but it was too dry so kept them in a water trough until last week. Will hopefully be pruning and rooting another 20 or so next week then the same next year so we should have in five years or so 20 willows to Coppice.

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    Willow will do the trick, take cuttings and stick them in the ground. Quick and easy cover

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    Willow and fruit trees

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    So willow is the way to go! how long Would it take to take cuttings of the planted willow this season?

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    i am sorry for being negative but none of the above will hold deer by definition only lure them..

    you need cover to hold them thus scots pine larch etc etc etc..

    sorry mate you did ask..


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