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Thread: Stalking Magazine

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    Stalking Magazine

    I am also looking for a set of the Stalking Magazine that is no longer in circulation.
    Preferably complete and in good condition.
    Willing to pay - send me a PM

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    Me too, if by any chance you get two sets offered, please pass the details on to me. Thanks, Glyn.

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    Not a problem...

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    Still looking.
    Can anyone tell me how long the magazine ran for?

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    Echoman should be able to tell you. He use to contribute

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    I have a full set but don't want to sell, a friend of mine used to have a set will ask whet he did with them

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    got one as well and also want to keep, good magazine, shame it fell down, derrwarden

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    Whoops, I moved this thinking it was the other type of magazine... Moved back to Deer Stalking section!

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