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Thread: Varberger Rifles

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    Varberger Rifles

    Hi guys

    Anybody have experience of these rifles? I know the company has gone bust so parts will be a problem, but how do they shoot etc.



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    A mate of mine had a heavy barrel Varberger in .308. Borrowed it while waiting for my rifles to come from England and shot a few roe with it Very nice accurate rifle. He only sold it with regret because he had a bad shoulder and needed a lighter rifle.
    Varberger have gone bust several times and thats a shame as i think they are as good as Sako or Tikka. A good second hand one here still makes good money.

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    I had the basic model in .270win. The rifle was very accurate and reasonably reliable with a first rate trigger. I had a couple of problems with it over a period of 7 to 8 years that I owned it.
    The first was a problem with the trigger due to a broken spring, this occured almost immediately after purchase (from new). It was quickly repaired by Litt's, who were the importers.
    The forward stock bolt srews directly into the reciever ring and if overtightened will contact the bolt. This was the next problem due to compression of the stock in this area. The stock then developed a few cracks in critical areas which were repaired by glueing.
    In fact most of my problems with the rifle were stock related, including a sling swivel falling out when out stalking. I did attempt to obtain a replacement stock from various sources and received some very good advise from two well know Scotish riflesmiths, but was informed that due to the rotary magazine and limited market for such a stock, the cost would be high.
    Carl Eriksson at Litt's told me that the company was planning to use Macmillan stocks at one time and that he put the two companies together at a trade fair, but nothing came of it.
    The same rifle has appeared under a few names, Lakelander and Norma for instance with subtle changes, but as previously said Varberger has gone bust more than once.

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