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Thread: fishing in thailand

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    fishing in thailand

    recent holiday to thailand with the wife i managed a few days fishing at gillhams in krabi .biggest fish was a arapaina of 280lb although i lost a bigger one at the net when it went mental and broke the trace of100kg,another one was lost when it went through a weed bed over 350lb est.other fish included siamese carp to 65lb amazon red tail catfish to 55lb asian red tail 25lb chinese searfish 18lb niger catfish 10lb sorubin catfish 30lb wallagu attu 12lb.38 fish in 3 1/2 days fishing ,fished 7-12 am and 4-8pm lake is open 7am-8pm but it was too hot and tiring to fish all day.also sneaked a couple of days in phuket with pacu to 12lbs striped catfish to 25lb clown featherback 4lb plus a35lb redtail on 4lb line while fishing for gourami.
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    They any good on the barby Derek?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Looks like an awesome trip there fella! Any plans to be up at S.Gs in the near future? Shared a lodge with one of your syndicate partners a few weeks ago..



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    going up in the next couple of weeks if the weathers ok .you been up much.
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    That sounds like a fantastic trip you've had derek.snr What baits were you using live/dead/plugs etc.
    I don't suppose the upstream dry fly was the method
    Great pictures

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    that redtail is worth a fortune over here

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    Hmmm that looks fun

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    using small deadbaits /or large pellets,atthe lake at phuket we where using gourami about 4inches long cut into strips or as livebait ,about 50 a pair here.
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    bet u had sore arms by the end but good memories ps dont think a would be in the water but

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    Some cracking fish there bud,I love watching that ...river monsters series.


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