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Thread: nightforce nxs 5.5-24x56 or 8-32 x56 np2-dd

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    nightforce nxs 5.5-24x56 or 8-32 x56 np2-dd

    hi i am after a Nightforce 5.5-22x56 nxs np2-dd recticle or 8-32 x56
    i would buy or px a s&b 3-12x50 LM number 4 rec w,h,y

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    Sportsman have got NF under special offer at the moment. Less than 1200 new!

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    Yes they have but only one or two left and only the poor reticles that no one wants.

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    Swillington shooting supplies have them in stock at a good price, I've just ordered a 5-24 with. NP2DD ret for 1280 including next day delivery.

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    Glad to see you are sorted Pigglet.

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