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Thread: Harkila Grizzly Paw boots

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    Harkila Grizzly Paw boots

    Bought a pair of the new Harkila Grizzly Paw boots at the shooting show today on a bit of an impulse.Wore them to go over for food tonight and realised they are slightly too small for me!!! Worn outside so can't take them back so up for grabs.. Still in the box, still even in the bag, the box came in!!!UK size 10 (44) superb boots jjust the wrong size. I paid 140 which was a special show price. Yours for 99 plus 10 postage. PayPal is fineCheersPaul

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    i,ll av em just been on fleabay looking for a pair. cheers stav
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    I'd like second dibs just in case stav changes his mind.


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