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Thread: Rangefinder Binos

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    Rangefinder Binos

    Im thinking of getting a pair of rangefinding binos, i currently use swarro 10x42 els, now has anyone on here bought the new swarros. How does zeiss, leica compare you views please

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    I have swaro 10x42 EL's, friends have told me that the Leica HD Geovids are superior.

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    I bought a pair of 10x42 Leica Geovids a week ago to replace my 10yr old 7x42 swaro's. I practically took them straight back, constantly messing around with them and could not get a clear focus. Light gathering was also not good imo. It's what you're used to I guess? I've now got a pair of 10x50EL's while waiting for a pair of swaro range finder bins.

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    I have the Zeiss 8 x 45 RF's and they're stunning. I had a look at, and through the Swaro RF's today, and was really disappointed with them.

    However, what suits me, and my eyes, may not suit yours, and you need to look through the various models to see what you like the best.


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    Oh, and whilst it's being extremely badly marketed at the moment, Zeiss have a special offer until the end of March, where they will give a 250.00 discount off of the RF range, in exchange for you giving them a set of old bino's, ANY bino's !!!

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    I have the 10x45 Ziess RF's and I'm well pleased with them, they maybe a little big for some folk.

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    I currently have a pair of Swarovski 10x42 SLC's. While out stalking with John Robson of Yorkshire Roe Stalking I tried his Ziess 10x42's and thought they were superb. In the rain they were much better than the Swaros as the water seemed to have little or no effect on the view whereas i couldn't see through my Swaros. Very impressed.

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    I have got the swaro 8x42 rangefinders, seem excellent to me but I did upgrade from a pair of Hawke endurance

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    I tried the Zeiss and Swarovski RF's side by side and found that I preferred the Zeiss ones.

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    I have Leica range finders and their great. Even when they needed fixing Leica were really good to deal with. I had them changed from yards to meters I was told that they would have them about six weeks. But they only had them about 2 weeks with the repair and changing them. If they ever need replacing I would get another pair. No question.

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