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Thread: Parker Hale butt plate

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    Parker Hale butt plate

    Ey up blokes

    I am looking for a recoil pad,/ butt plate, to fit my Parker Hale 1200 deluxe

    Any clues ? I am using a Bisley pad just now but am not too keen on it.


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    if you find some let me know,

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    Nae luck so far ! been hunting but not found anything,, will look at getting one made methinks

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    very unikely I am afraid.
    been there, coulndt find one in the end

    Norman Clark has some similar ones but as they stopped making them it is almost impossible to find new unused ones.

    I went with a pachmayer which is a similar colour but not quite the same.

    I have a solid pad on my 1100 PH which is wearing well but the vented on on my BSA is also shot and I am struggling to match that one too

    good luck

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    Knibbs should be able to help with the BSA ones. BSA Guns Ltd were still using the BSA vented pads some years ago don't know if they still do or were just using up old stock. Might be worth asking.

    There was a company in Canada with some new ones but that information is on the old computer and not available

    Numrich has some take off P-H pads listed.

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