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Thread: favourite 30-06 factory ammo for Tikka T3?

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    favourite 30-06 factory ammo for Tikka T3?

    Hi all,
    I know this is question has any number of variables in any answer, but Im getting a T3 varmint in 30-06 and wondered

    a. if anybody has one of these what factory ammo do they find works well for stalking (150-170gn)?
    b. what factory ammo works well for informal target use? (odd bit of long range, practice etc)

    I know I should be homeloading to get he best from this really, but would be interested to know whats worked for others.

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    Hi Andy,
    I have a T3 Light in 30-06 and i have tried a number of different diets in it,but it is currently fed on 150 Nosler BT over 57 grains of H414. I have however tried a number of different factory loads, the most successful proved to be Hornady custom Interlocks (150 and 180gr) and Sako Super Hammerheads 150gr. I also know a number of people who swear by Federal power shok (the one in theblue box?).

    Of course this all depends on what your rifle likes. I have found that the caliberis not fussy and have shot deer using ammunition ranging from125gr to 220 gr.

    I hope this helps.

    Regards Mike

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    Thanks Mike,
    My Ruger .243 has always been happy with Federal ammo (hated the moly coated winchesters!)
    ideally I'll get a box of each of a few types, but 30-06 is not that common around me and whilst RFDs' are happy to order, getting enough variety in small quantities is a bit much to ask them, hence trying to narrow it down a bit. I've heard good reports about sako so thats them on the shortlist!

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    federal v shock for me .. couldnt hit a barn door at 10yrds with winchester

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    Whilst I reload now when it was factory ammo I found the best was privi 165 it shot under an inch and is cheap as chips!

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    thats been my experience with them too in the ruger 243(win supreme moly's that is), trouble is even if its not the ammo itself you lose confidence. trying rem core lokts at the mo and it seems much happier,
    so my list to try in 30-06 so far is
    Federal (power & Vshok)

    any thoughts on FMJ target fodder?

    edit thanks Gandy for the Privi tip
    Last edited by andy c; 26-02-2012 at 13:17. Reason: gandy posted an answer

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    My Tikka prefers federal and remmington around the 150 mark

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    Cant go wrong with Norma 150gr in your tikka, thats where i would start, or Sako ammunition works well if you can get it.

    Winchester, gave me a 6 inch grouping

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    cheers Axe & Hawk Eye,
    winchester doesn't seem to be too popular! I don't know if it was the moly coating or what with mine but I couldn't get any kind of group at all, first shot cold barrel would be fine but then they wandered about like a spider on drugs. couldn't get federal so went for remmie core lokt and its much better.
    thanks to all for your help

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    I tried federal fusion once in my 25-06 when I had reloading issues,they were best factory ammo I've ever tried,I guess they make them for 30-06, defo worth a try

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