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Thread: barnes varmint grenade

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    barnes varmint grenade

    anyone tried these picked up 100 36g 224 for the hornet yisdy from newark

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    Could not get them to stabilise in my 222 just got key holes in a shotgun size group. I have used 34 grain dogtown bullets with good results using 21.5 grains of Viht N120 they leave the barrel at 3700 fps. I zero'd An inch high at 100 yds so they where kill zone flat (on charlie) to 250 yds but because of the low BC they drop of like a stone after that.

    I've now switched back to 40 gn v-max and 22.1 grain of Viht N130 leaving the barrel at 3483 fps. I made the change mainly because of how easy they are to get hold of.


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    I shot some in a buddy's CZ Hornet. Accuracy was mediocre at best. We abandoned them for 35 grain V-Max which, as always, gave superlative accuracy and kills.~Muir

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    I tried the 50grn in my .223.

    They stabilised when I ran them through a clean barrel and pushed them a bit.
    They did not group very well at 100yds.
    They did not group full stop at 200yds.
    I never found the explosive results on the ones I used.

    I read a post where someone described them as having the BC of a cornflake, and it was very true.

    I also read about someone using them to shoot foxes in a wild foul sanctuary, as they are none lead, and the foxes were getting back up.

    I learnt a great deal when trying to get them to shoot, which was all good practice.

    I would recommend trying them, but don't be disappointed if you can't get them to behave.

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    you need fast twist barrels to get these to shoot well. without the lead core, they have to be made longer to get the weight up which is why they won't stabilze in standard twist barrels.,

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