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Thread: Konus optics binoculars worth a look?

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    Konus optics binoculars worth a look?

    These cheapie binos (8x42 titanium evo) were give a half decent write up in the last shooting sports magazine, has anybody got a pair and are they any good? obviously not gonna be leica competition at that price but are they worth having to keep in the car etc..

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    You can get a nice pair of Zeiss 8x30 Deltrintems for that kind of money on Ebay.
    look for a decent make second hand rather than go for a cheap new pair.

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    Fair comment, mind you anything half decent on eBay often seems to get bid right up when I am watching. Will have to keep my eyes open.

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    That helps.....

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    YEs, the Konus are worth it, I have a pair as my cheapos and I am well pleased with them, The glass is as good as many of the minox, and even the cheaper Opticron. My mate is a Pro photographer and uses Konus as well, including his birding scope!

    I use Optricron DBA adn while the Konus are no way as good, they still get taken out in the car all the time,,well built as well, with good armouring,,

    Well worth a punt instead of buying some 40 yrs old german glass IMO

    The Emporer are the ones to go for, or the wee titanium compact doo`dahs

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