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Thread: Top Shot on Sky tv

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    Top Shot on Sky tv

    Anybody watching this on Military on Sky.
    The young lad (Kelly?) has survived three shoot-outs after being voted for by cowardly cowboys and bitchin' self absorbed meatheads. I think he is a credit to his team and his mental ability to turn his hand to any task and overcome the stress of the shoot-outs is amazing.

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    I agree and I'm glad that a....le Brad has left now for the cowboy next.....

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    i know who the winner of this ,as it was recorded a year ago

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    If you spoil it for me I will hunt you down and give you a hedgehog enema and offer you a blackthorne twig to pull it out.

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    Go Kelly Go
    They should leave the lad alone

    Please don't Spoil it for us that have not seen it
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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