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Thread: BRNO ZKK bolt disassembly

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    BRNO ZKK bolt disassembly


    just trying to disassemble the BRNO ZKK 600 series bolt. I know you're supposed to lock the bolt, then push the disassembly catch down on the LHS and pull the bolt handle back up again, leaving the cocking piece and firing assembly easy to unscrew...HOWEVER,,,when I push the 'disassembly catch' down (about 0.5mm??) and turn the bolt handle back up anti-clockwise,,,nothing happens???

    am I now doing it right, are you supposed to be able to push the disassebly catch down further?

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    I will have to hunt out the dirstructions.. Should have them somewhere. They didn't come with the rifle I had to hassle EDgars for them.

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    Thanks BH,

    I was reading Frank Haas' instructions in Bolt Action Rifles, and it gives the instructions I noted above, however, the bolt disassembly catch on the back left of the cocking piece is a little knob/button, but it can only be depressed a tiny amount, which certainly doesn't seem to be doing anything to unlock the cocking piece from the firing pin unit...could it be because I've taken the trigger unit apart and it needs 'input' from one of the parts as you turn the bolt handly back up anticlockwise?...hhmm...why so difficult!

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    I used to have a ZKK 600 and a CZ550 and the bolt stripping was the same on both as I recall, here is a link to a downloadable owners manual for the CZ550,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks John!

    had a play with it over lunch following the instructions on page 13. close the bolt, push in the disassembly button, open bolt and retract slightly back...ok,,still nothing's changed..hhmm... so I pull the bolt out and see if the cocking peice can unscrew as they say, all that happens is I manually cock it with my hands, so now I've got a cocked bolt sitting on my table...LOL...

    I know what all evening will be spent doing!!! it was all going so well..there's always 'something'!!!

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    I know I had trouble with it, was convinced I was doing everything right and still could not get it apart. Then I finally cracked it and it came apart easy, I know it was me that was at fault but I cant remember what it was, the trouble was I was almost doing it the correct way but whatever I was doing was wrong, if you see what I mean! I always had to refer to the written word to do it, if I tried to do it without I always made a balls of it. Sorry can't remember but its the sort of thing you need to have in your hands to do, and I am CZ/BRNO bereft now.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    all sorted - thanks for your help! now see my extractor claw thread please

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    Old thread resurrection! Im having the same problem getting my bolt apart. Same symptoms as above, any tips or tricks for getting it apart?

    Cheers owain.

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