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    medal muntjac?

    just wondering what sort of length of antler would you expect to be classed as a medal size?
    i have one of nice shape and quiet strong in diammeter and mesures near to 10cm a side with brow points on it?Click image for larger version. 

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    just done basic measurements and here are as follows
    62.3 on the scoring sheet.
    but cant seem to find what that equates to on scoring guide
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    Hi, - 62.3 would fall into gold medal status. Bill.

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    will show it you tommorow for you to mount. adrian

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    Adrian - antlers just came back from Dominic Griffith and it scored gold medal as did the CWD that Gareth shot. Bill.

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    I believe these to be medal scores
    congrates on the Gold medal

    Gold is 61+
    Silver 58.5-60.9
    Bronze 56-58.4

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