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Thread: Hello from the frozen north

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    Hello from the frozen north

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum but not to stalking.

    I have been shooting for over 40 years but only in the last 20 or so have gotten into rifle shooting.

    Initially this was in Africa where I lived for 10 years (Tanzania) and enjoyed a great deal of hunting as a resident - on reflection a very cheap way to do some phenomenal hunting but a huge amount of organising and grief at the time.

    Now nearly ten years back in the freezer and doing a fair bit of stalking on my own ground (Roe, Sika a few red) and some culling for others - roe.

    I have also hunted in Austria, Zimbabwe and Denmark and have just returned from my first foray after wild boar in Poland - which was great - will definitely return!

    Living near Nairn.



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    Hi Ian

    Welcome to the site, looking forward to hearing some stories from Tanzania.



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    Nairn, I get up that way fairly regularly, usually picking clients up from the airport nearby. I assume its one of the same place ?

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    It is indeed the same place - tho I live out in the stix nearer Forres.

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    There are a good few of us here that know where you are, you are far from alone

    Welcome to the site


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    Welcome to the SD, as JAYB said, there are many of us about up this way, I'm in Inverness.

    New members always welcome, and always made very welcome. Look forward to your input and queeries.


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