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    Hello to everyone out there in the SD.

    Finally got my act together & signed up so that I can get a bit more involved in the site rather than just ďlurkingĒ.

    My name is Dale & i live in Angus, Scotland where my upbringing has been steeped in fishing, game shooting, vermin control & deer stalking since i was about 10 years old due to my father being an ex keeper & ghillie.

    Iím only a young guy (27) but have been deer stalking since i was 10 as i said, getting more heavily involved in it at the age of 18 when i got my own FAC.
    Iíve only ever shot roe & fallow in Scotland but would like to change that this year & get onto reds & sika if i can.
    I have also been fortunate enough to have done a bit of coyote, moose & elk stalking in Canada as I have family out there.

    Although i have shot hundreds of deer since i was 10, i only took the step to complete my DSC1 last year as all stalking i carried out was on private grounds owned by my friendís dad so wasnít a requirement.
    My friends dad died towards the end of last year & all of his farms were sold, so ive been looking for deer stalking in my area ever since.
    Iíve been finding it hard to get anywhere though; even with the DSC1... so i aim to try & achieve the DSC2 this year to see if that helps.

    I have 4 calibers on my FAC which are .22, .223, 25-06 & 300 Win MagÖ all filled expect the .22 which is a bit redundant now.

    In my spare time I also look after a small driven pheasant shoot where we release 3000 pheasants Ė so if any members out there would like to exchange some red/sika stalking for a days driven pheasants then ping me a line.

    Guess thatís it, not all that short but a good starting point hopefully.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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