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Thread: MacMillan Nurses charity winners

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    MacMillan Nurses charity winners

    The two lads that had bid successfully with (John) Yorkshireroestalking. Turned up this week-end to claim their prize. Stewart and Nick had travelled all the way from Leeds for a couple of stalks in the N.E. of Scotland.
    Due to a hernia operation I was out of the game but a lot of very good friends stepped in to make sure the lads were not disappointed.
    The lads arrived just befor dark of Friday evening and went straight onto the plate to show they could hit the target and that their rifles were doing what they were supposed to do. They did,nt disappoint, Nick took out the centre of one bull and Stewart was about one inch high and a nats cock to the left on the other target.
    The lads were to go out the following morning with Ian and Charlie (both off this web). Stewart went with Ian and Nick went with Charlie.
    I went along with Stewart just for the ride and to show him where his meeting place was.
    We followed Ian to a large piece of moss that IAn looks after. As we arrived we saw four roe in the moss about 100 metres away.
    After getting ready Ian and Stewart started their stalk. I was left behind looking after the dogs.
    The first stalk came to an end when one of the roe spotted them and done a runner taking the rest with them.
    Second stalk was better with Stewart stalking in across a peat bog and shooting a nice youngster. This just made his day.
    Back to the house and breakfast to find out that the other two had seen a few but had not had a shot. Charlie had not given up and had taken Nick out to another piece of his ground to try again for a beast. Again they saw one or two but again never got the shot off.
    In the afternoon the lads had a play about with a customised Remington700 that has the hairiest of hair triggers ever, frightened the **** out of them but after a while the got used to it and a good time was had by all.
    Saturday evening came and they where put into a couple of high seats, the weather was very mild for here at this time of year, so I was not concerned about them freezing to the seats. It wasn,t long before Stewart had a shot at a doe, he thought he,d hit it but even with the help of three dogs no carcass was found, nor any blood or hair, so it was put down to a miss.
    Nick saw nothing that night from his high seat.
    The farm we where on in the evening belongs to my next door neighbour and he was only to willing to lend a hand for such a good cause.
    The lads left on the Sunday morning (early) to be met by another good friend Adam who took them around or syndicate ground. It was Nick who was going to be first shot as Stewart had one in the bag.
    I waste,nt there but according to Adam Nick had three stalks saw about twenty roe and very nearly pulled the trigger,only for the doe to go just as he was squeezing the trigger!!!!!
    The lads headed back to Leeds after a good breakfast and last night I got a phone call from Stewart to tell me they had arrived safely and that they had had a brilliant time.
    So it's many thanks to Ian, Charley,Dave and Adam for all their help, couldn't have done it without you guys.
    John, should you ever decide to run another do for the MacMillan Nurses, if you can send lads as easy going and as amiable as Stewart and Nick them you can put me down for a lot.

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    Must,nt forget, Jackie,my long suffering wife, she did all the cooking and made the lads most welcome.

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    nice one glad you all had a good crack ,atb wayne

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    Nice one chaps, great cause


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    Well done lads, and well done Jackie she is such a nice lady, what she is doing with an old bugger like you I will never know
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Alan
    Its Nick, all i can say is that you and your wife Jackie are a fantastic couple many thanks to all of you i had a fantastic time.
    thank you very much

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    Nice one guys, well done.

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    You should see the bouquet of flowers that has just turned up from Stuart and Nick!!!!!!!
    They are addressed to Jackie thanking her for all her hard work and cooking......
    Personally I think they have been addressed wrong and it's my name that should go on them after all cooking and cleaning is wot the ladies do best.....
    Is,nt it?
    Hard hat on, into bunker quick

    Stuart and Nick.
    From the both of us, many thanks, that was a lovely gesture
    Alan & JAckie

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