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Thread: Swarovski 6x42

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    Swarovski 6x42

    Selling my Swarovski 6x42, stunning unmarked glass, reticle 4A 1 inch steel tube which has a couple of small light marks, no crimps or ring marks.
    I have tried to show the marks in the photo's but failed as they really are slight, the only one that shows is a small rub on the very front of the rim, no idea how it arrived as it was present when I bought it last year.
    Only selling as I want a variable scope with a little more magnification.
    Any questions please ask, below is slink to a slide show of all the rubbish pics I have managed to botch the taking of, sorry never was much good with a camera.
    Image hosting, free photo sharing video sharing at Photobucket

    Looking for 350325 posted Now 310.00 posted RMSD insured, payment by bank transfer is best but pay-pal, postal order etc is ok, but you pay the fee's


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    A bump for the weekend with a price drop.
    Sold or not I will close this thread on sunday evening, I have other things I would rather sell.
    This scope is far to good to give away, I would rather keep it as a spare.


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    have u still got the scope forsale

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    Quote Originally Posted by richvfrgem View Post
    have u still got the scope forsale
    Yes still here.
    I also have a S&B 6x42 in near new condition, boxed with all the paperwork.

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    Last few hours, and the last price drop.
    (now only on this forum)


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    Hi neil

    how much are you looking for the s&b?

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    Ok, this was a need to sell thread, didn't really want to sell it.
    So I am going to try and keep hold of it as a spare.
    I will advertise the S&B later this week with pics, this was bought to go on a rifle I eneded up returning before the scope even arrived.
    Any questions, please either wait till it is posted on here, or PM thanks.


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