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Thread: A freind had his SGC revoked and now has to wait a year.

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    A freind had his SGC revoked and now has to wait a year.

    A freind of mine who I shoot game with had there SGC revoked last august for a minor crime. I don't personally even think he was guilty, but he pleaded gulity and they gave him a caution.
    He had a visit from the police and the FLO told him he could ask for it back in six months and he would not need to re-apply. He said it was just a cooling of period. They now say he needs to fully re-apply and wait untill the end of this year.
    He missed out on this years season because of this. The FLO basically lied!

    It's my first post so hi to everyone on the forum.

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    If he is a BASC member then it would be worthwhile to talk to their legal people.

    The subject of police cautions seems to be a tricky one and from what I can see you need to get an opinion from someone with the correct training, knowledge of the system and a full understanding of the circumstances of the specific case. You'll probably not get that from someone here but the BASC people might be able to throw him a lifeline.

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    He is going to speak to the BASC so hopefully they can help him. He wanted to get FAC to shoot rabbits but I've told him it isn't going to happen
    Hopefully he gets his SGC back before july.

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    I don't personally even think he was guilty, but he pleaded gulity and they gave him a caution.

    Erm? If he has pleaded guilty then he has admitted he is guilty. There's no such thing as pleading guilty but claiming that he wasn't actually guilty! What a nonsense.

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    Actually Enfield old mate you will find it is quite a common thing to happen, you get told you can walk there and then with just a ticking off.
    My brother in law did it during an acromonious breakdown with his partner, against my advice as he couldn't be bothered wth the hassle.

    Also some things are not cut and dried look up the previous posts

    Remember he who cast's the first stone .. yadda yaddda

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    I agree with legaleagle. I suspect that the whole speed camera thing is entirely based upon people pleading guilty because the punishment is much less bother than the actual process of proving your innocence. Unfortunately the need to prove your innocence, rather than for the camera partnerships to prove your guilt, is not only next to impossible but also has significant implications for our system of justice. You'll pay a lot more than 60 to prove innocence.

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    I would consider appealing the decision. It could go to court, but if he can prove it was a one off. Character references, that sort of thing, then I would say he stands a chance of getting it granted.

    It could cost though. Perhaps 1.5k ish if u win, and more if you lose as you will get their costs too.

    Depends how much he wants to shoot, and how much he can afford...

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    I overheard a conversation in a gunshop where the guy behind the counter told a customer that there was a fellow locally who had been involved in an armed robbery as a teenager, & now that he was middle aged,had an SGC, this was on the condition that he re-applied to the home office come renewal time. I don't know whether he had to fight his corner in court in order to gain this privilege, but it just goes to show it's not all cut & dried.
    Apparently, it was considered that he had been young & stupid in his younger years.
    However I have no idea if this story is true or not!

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    The decision to revoke certificates is not taken lightly and I am informed taken at quite a high level, with consideration given to the fact that it has to be justified in court if necessary.

    I am aware of a chap who has had his certificates revoked and the constabulary will not consider a fresh application for a grant for at least five years. There has been no court case and no appeal, because the police can justify their actions and an appeal would be futile.

    We can go back to previous postings and repeat the advise given by several, DON'T ACCEPT A CAUTION IF YOU ARE INNOCENT, and get good legal advise.

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